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Who We Are

Power Meta is a Californian blockchain infrastructure technology company that provides decentralized data storage and cloud compute solutions for enterprises and organizations in need.


At the core of our business is a decentralized model that disrupts traditional computing and storage paradigms. By involving node providers in our ecosystem, we create innovative solutions that decentralize the supply chain of compute and storage resources, fostering a more resilient, efficient, and inclusive computing infrastructure. 


Our Mission

Power Meta is dedicated to providing technology solutions that not only meet the growing demands for compute resources in AI & mining and decentralized storage but also push the boundaries of what's possible in these domains.

We believe in collaboration, community, and most importantly, creating equity in the world's compute resource and storage access.

Core Values


Powered by Aleo and IPFS, our engineers skip naps to make data storage blazing fast and more secure


All transactions happen on-chain with proof-of-node-providers, dictated by built-in smart contract protocols


We work decentralized too and that means our footsteps are traceable 24/7

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