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Who We Are

Power Meta is a web 3.0 technology conglomerate that provides disaster recovery infrastructure and enterprise data storage solutions for organizations who care about data preservation and business continuity. 

With a global coverage across 13 countries in 4 continents, we pride ourselves for being the world's largest disaster recovery network powered by decentralized blockchain technology.


Our Mission

Humanity has left behind a great deal of important data: general physics, genome sequencing, agricultural and livestock production, infrastructure construction, medical treatments, enterprise solutions, etc. 

We want to play a part in preservation of humanity's most precious data by incorporating the most advanced decentralized storage technology in our disaster recovery solutions and relentlessly expanding our global DR network.

Core Values


Powered by Aleo and IPFS, our engineers skip naps to make data storage blazing fast and more secure


All transactions happen on-chain with proof-of-work, dictated by built-in smart contract protocols


We work decentralized too and that means our footsteps are traceable 24/7

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