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A Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Node

Ararat Node is a project initiated by Power Meta to recruit 10,000 disaster recovery nodes worldwide with a total storage capacity of 10 EiB in the next 10 years. Be a Node Builder today. Take part in becoming a building block to preserve human civilization's most precious memory. 

Start small. Click here to learn more.

What is Ararat Node

The Ararat Global Disaster Recovery Network uses ALEO encryption technology to safeguard data privacy and IPFS technology to store data in a distributed manner on the blockchain. As a result, it offers important advantages such as extremely low storage costs, secure encryption of data and ownership of data to the user.


The entire disaster recovery network consists of 10,000 nodes, with a total storage capacity of 10EiB, which will be used to store and resurrect humanity's critical data for scientific, medical, and commercial purposes.


As of today, Ararat Node has completed the construction of 19PiB disaster recovery nodes in the US. We welcome anyone who is interested in this cause to join us in this extremely rewarding journey and pledge to become a new Node. 

Ararat site is live. Click here to be a small builder! 


The Technology Behind


We use Interplanetary File System (IPFS) as the baseline of our decentralized storage technology. 


IPFS is a protocol designed to enable distributed storage, sharing, and persistent network transfer of files. It is a peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol with addressable content. The nodes in the IPFS network constitute a distributed file system. IPFS is an open-source project initiated in 2014 by Protocol Labs - a group of computer scientists who graduated from Stanford University. The IPFS project has received $260 million in support from top Silicon Valley investors.

How to be an Ararat Node Builder?

  1. Upon completion of a technical service contract, Power Meta is responsible for the construction, technical operation and maintenance of the Builder's new Node

  2. A new node address will be registered under the Builder's name; the Builder will need to transfer the required pledge to this address

  3. Builder shall register a personal Filecoin wallet to receive 50% of daily blockchain output as governed by smart contract

  4. Upon completion of the contractual term, all pledged Filecoins from the node address are automatically transferred to the Builder's personal Filecoin wallet

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