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Power Meta:
An enabler of
AI Data Infrastructure

Everyone can be an AI world builder.


We lay the foundation of a decentralized AI world, one node at a time, believing that the potential to be an AI world builder resides in everyone. 

We turn this vision into reality by constructing a decentralized storage network alongside a GPU compute network. By including node providers from a diverse pool, we're not just building networks; we're fostering a community of builders and contributors.


Whom we serve

​GPU Providers

Transforming idle GPUs into dynamic assets by seamlessly integrating them into our GPU galaxy. This integration connects GPU providers with leading decentralized GPU rental platforms, such as and Nosana, as well as a myriad of AI training clients.

A transparent comparison across various demand instances and decentralized GPU platforms:







Not just a part of the network but a pivotal contributor to a decentralized, efficient, and highly profitable compute ecosystem.

GPU Miners

Mining at its most innovative. Start serverless: no mining rigs, electricity bills, or lock-up period.

AI Startups & Small-to-Medium Companies

An accelerating dream lab fueled by ultra-fast, efficient GPU resources, offering rapid scaling at minimal overheads


GPU Node Provider

The GPU node provider service offers a straightforward way for you to own, host, and put your GPU to work by connecting it to various demand platforms and AI training clients.


Our innovation lies in a transparent dashboard that helps ensures your GPU is actively contributing to the decentralized computing landscape, all while you maintain control and visibility over where and how it's used, and most importantly, maximizing the output of your GPU node.

Storage Node Provider

Join our network as a Storage Node Provider, leveraging our robust storage machinery equipped with IPFS technology. Play a pivotal role in providing decentralized storage, a key service for safeguarding disaster recovery data for both enterprises and governments. Your participation not only supports data resilience but also contributes to a more accessible and secure data ecosystem.

In this partnership, we value your contribution, adopting fair sharing models for the outputs generated. 


AI Cloud Services

On the other end, our AI cloud services encompass a suite of specialized on-demand compute options tailored for a variety of needs, including AI trainings, inferences, and comprehensive disaster recovery storage solutions for businesses.


We aim to extend our compute capacity to cater to complex computational tasks, large-scale data analyses, and secure, efficient storage of critical corporate data, ensuring continuity and resilience in the face of unexpected events. 

Our Ecosystem

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