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The World's #1
Disaster Recovery Network in Web 3.0

Join decentralized data storage for eternity.

10,000+ Data Servers

12 IDCs across the globe

Storage Capacity >1600 Pib

151 Storage Nodes


What Power Meta Offers

Data is the building block of human civilization. Therefore, we make disaster recovery our mission.

We offer the world's biggest decentralized disaster recovery storage network to store humanity's most precious data: knowledge & infrastructure, technology & research, astronomy, agriculture, you name it.

Dark Background

What's Special About Decentralized Disaster Recovery?


Decentralized storage systems do not rely on centralized servers and can be more private and censorship-resistant with Aleo's advanced encryption technology.


Using IPFS technology, data is split into segments, encrypted, and stored across a network of nodes, enabling a higher level of security.

Fault Tolerance

Data is replicated across multiple nodes. If one node fails, the data is still available from other nodes. It will take more than atomic bombs to obliterate our network.

Low Cost

Decentralized storage capitalizes on idle hard drive space to store and distribute data, leading to significant cost savings and rewards for miners. 


Because it should be a global effort

Golden Cubes

You are an essential part of the disaster recovery network. You pledge to expand the network with your own effort and ownership at zero front cost. You also stand to benefit enormously from the network effect.

Become a node today.

 Hard Drive

The disaster recovery network serves you and many others. Your organization's data make the world a better place. Let us keep them safe forever from tsunami, earthquake or another 911.

Store with us today.

Our Products & Services

Filecoin is backed and used by



  • How do I become a disaster recovery node builder?
    1. Upon completion of a technical service contract, Power Meta is responsible for the construction, technical operation and maintenance of the Builder's new Node 2. A new node address will be registered under the Builder's name; the Builder will need to transfer the required pledge to this address 3. Builder shall register a personal Filecoin wallet to receive 50% of daily blockchain output as governed by smart contract 4. Upon completion of the contractual term, all pledged Filecoins from the node address are automatically transferred to the Builder's personal Filecoin wallet
  • What is disaster recovery?
    Disaster recovery refers to the process of restoring an organization's IT systems and operations in the event of a natural or man-made disaster that disrupts normal business activities. Disasters can include events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, cyber attacks, and power outages. The goal of disaster recovery is to minimize the impact of these events and to quickly restore normal operations to ensure the continued functioning of the organization. Disaster recovery typically involves a set of processes and procedures, as well as the use of technologies and resources such as backup systems, redundant hardware, and cloud-based storage to enable the rapid recovery of data and systems. It also includes planning, testing, and training to ensure that the organization can respond effectively to a disaster and minimize downtime and data loss.
  • What makes Power Meta special in the decentralized storage industry?
    Well, many things. Size is probably the biggest deal. We have data centers in more than 10 countries across 2 continents. We have +100,000 data storage servers and have served no less than 500,000 clients in this very niche business. Time is another. Power Meta's parent company, has been in this industry since 2018, when decentralized storage has just become a thing. We started off as R&D labs for decentralized storage solutions and are backed by solid research in every step we take forward.
  • What is the biggest meaning of life?
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