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StoreX Marketplace

A decentralized data storage bidding platform where demand meets supply in web 3.0. StoreX match data owners with decentralized data storage providers in an auction-bid marketplace. 

Why StoreX is Great for your Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Unlike traditional web 2.0 storage providing solution, a 3rd party decentralized data exchange market such as StoreX offers potential gain for data owners because it's auction-based, but may require additional tech expertise to manage data transfers.


The open marketplace may also result in delayed data transfer and storage. Despite these considerations, however, the benefits of a secure and cost-effective data storage solution make it a valuable disaster recovery option for organizations.


Submit a Storage Request

Submit a storage request by filling in some necessary information about the file size, location, number of copies, etc.

Daily Updated Marketplace

Storage requests will appear in the marketplace, open for bidding by storage providers.


Bid Placement

Storage providers need to submit bids in order to make a data deal with data owners.


A deal is confirmed when data owner manually accepts the deal or when time is up and the highest bid automatically wins.

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