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Snowy Mountains

Ararat Mining offers affordable solution for individuals interested in disaster recovery by taking part in storage mining within the Filecoin blockchain. We make it easy for everyone to participate and benefit from our decentralized disaster recovery network.

Site is live. Click here to become a cloud miner today!

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How does Ararat MaaS work?

Ararat is based on Filecoin, a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information. We invite everyone to join us on this mission to create a more secure and decentralized world.

Intuitive Mining in 4 Steps

An incredibly easy-to-follow UI that offers transparent, step-by-step guide for 1st time Filecoin miners.

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One-step Solution for Individual Miner

Traditionally, mining is notoriously complicated with tons of CapEx and OpEx in data centers, hardwares, and maintenance. Bid them Adieu by choosing our simple and individual mining solution.


Where you govern your own mining wallet and keep track of daily mining rewards. 

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